Wednesday, 23 July 2014

100 days of school

Wow what a memoriable day we all had celebrating 100 days at school. Some of us in Room 1 have been at school for 47 days whilst others have only been here for 2 days. Room 1 however were more than happy to join in the celebrations with the rest of the junior school. First up was jump jam with us proudly displaying our 100 day crowns. Next up we began setting up our displays of 100 items (a huge thank you to Callena for all her help). Once completed we were off to view other junior classes displays. Wow we saw some great Geen Hat ideas from other junior classes. The word had got out how amazing the junior collections were so of course the middle and senior school had to jump on board and also come and view our creations. Just time for a quick 100 jumping game and finally it was time for our shared lunch. All room 1 were very excited about this (with this being the high light of the day, so I was informed repeatively by each boy). With all that food in our tummys we all went outside for a play. Once lunch was over even more fun was lined up with a disco belting out all the best songs. Of course room 1 then deceided they were hungry again so we had a quick nibble and then played some number games too 100.  Thank you to all the lovely parents for supporting this day and making it a huge success.

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  1. It was a great day and so happy to see so many fantastic collections! Glad to help Mrs Pram your class are bucket fillers for sure!