Monday, 18 May 2015

Teddys Bears picnic

What a busy day our Bears had today. They helped us in jump jam and calendar maths. Then we all had to introduce teddy and describe his favourite things he/she likes to do with me. What amazing adventures you get up to with your teddys. Our teddys tummys were grumbling by then so out came our morning tea to nibble on. After morning tea we had a surprise visitor from Cookie bear time our teddies and us were very excited about that. Yet the activities still kept happenning with parachuting jumping, teddy story time, teddy fairy bread making and gummy bear dancing it was a busy morning. Next up was our teddy bears picnic which was enjoyed by all. The kindy joined us for our teddy bears picnic today and it was lovely seeing so many brothers and sisters from the kindy. Our teddys were a bit tired after that so they had a nap in room 1 whilst we went out for lunchtime. Then straight after lunch it was cross country and didn't we do well with 4 of our class getting a placing. Well done Adrianna, Piper, Jimmy and Ryan. I was so proud of you all joining in, having fun and giving it a go well done!!!!!!!

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