Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The zoo

What an amazing day we had at the zoo. Very excited children lined up already to begin their zoo adventures. Room 1 headed straight for the back of the bus with a lot of laughter and excitement already. Many houses and parents work were pointed out along the way by the children. Upon arrival we found our lovely parents who took their groups to begin their safari. Most children were very keen to visit the monkeys, lions and hippos. After all that walking it was suddenly lunch time and we all sat on the grass enjoying our yummy lunches. Once we had refueled it was Room 1's turn to begin our educational sessions. First we explored the gardens for pests and lizards. Next we visited the pet hospital to find out how they treat the zoo animals and last was a trip to find out about the Tigers (of course they were too bothered sleeping to bother with us). We then got to continue our adventure of the zoo and then met up for a play at the playground. Thank you to the amazing parents who came on our trip it wouldn't of been the same without you. Below are some pictures of your awesome kids.


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